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Ascension CMC PyroSphere

PyroCarbon sphere for CMC arthroplasty

Functional articulation reproduces range of motion

5 sizes

Ascension Compression Screws

Mini & high cannulated compression screw options in the one tray

1.5mm mini compression screws used for smaller fragments

2.0 high compression screws used for larger fragments

Ascension Lunate

PyroCarbon lunate replacement

Anatomically designed articulating spacer

5 sizes

Ascension NuGrip

Pyrocarbon prosthesis for base of thumb

Anatomically designed stem for press fit stabilization without cement

8 sizing options

Ascension PyroCarbon MCP

Pyrocarbon, semi constrained ball and cup design

Maximum anatomical range of motion

Press fit

Ascension PyroCarbon PIP

Pyrocarbon bi-condylar design

Central slip tracking feature

Press Fit

Ascension PyroCarbon Saddle CMC

PyroCarbon hemi arthroplasty for base of thumb

Saddle shape head allows easy articulation with the trapezium

Press fit

Ascension PyroDisk

PyroCarbon disc for CMC Arthroplasty

Preserves trapezium

LRDI - Ligament Reconstruction Disk Interposition

Ascension PyroHemiSphere

PyroCarbon hemi design for CMC arthroplasty

Ideal for when trapezium is slightly compromised

Press fit

Ascension Silicone MCP

Hinged design, pre-flexed to 30°

Utilizes same instrumentation as pyrocarbon MCP

Intra-operative decision between silicone and PyroCarbon

Ascension Silicone PIP

Hinged design, pre-flexed to 15°

Low profile dorsal collar for patient comfort

6 anatomical sizes

BonAlive Granules

Bioactive, osteoconductive and osteostimulative

Bacterial growth inhibiting material

Available in 5cc & 10cc in a variety of granule sizes

EOS Eleos

1.5mm diameter high elastic memory staple

Standard and asymmetrical ranges

No heating or cooling necessary

Fziomed Dynavisc

100% synthetic, biocompatible and bioabsorbable adhesion barrier gel.

Designed to coat, separate and protect tissues where post- operative adhesions are likely to form.

An easy to use, clear smooth gel allows view of tendons and neural structures.

Osteotec Silicone Finger Implant

One piece, flexible silicone elastomer implant

Can be used for either MCP or PIP arthroplasty

Polyganics Neurolac

Transparent bioresorbable nerve guide

Retains initial mechanical properties for up to 10 weeks

Product reabsorbed within 16 months

Synovis Microclip & Superfine Microclip

30% smaller than the typical small sized clip

Precise and simple clip cartridge

Pure, strong, malleable titanium

Toby Flexor Tendon Repair

Atraumatic tendon placement back into its tendon sheath

Minimise soft tissue trauma

Primary tendon repair in acute and delayed presentation

TriMed Compression Screws

1.7mm, 2.3mm, 3.0mm and 3.5mm cannulated compression screws

Ideal for fusions or fracture fixation in any small bone

TriMed Xpode

Partial wrist fusion plate made from radiolucent PEEK optima

Variable angle locking screws provide superior strength

Multiple sizes and shapes available

  • TriMed
  • Ascension
  • Extremity Medical
  • Fentex Medical
  • Fiagon
  • Microaire
  • Scanlan
  • Synovis
  • Instratek
  • NSK
  • Lockdown
  • Toby Orthopaedics
  • Osteotec
  • Gramedica
  • TruLife
  • Aptis
  • Normed
  • Ceatec
  • Newclip
  • Checkpoint Medical
  • Sutter Medical
  • PediGuard
  • Sentio MMG
  • Polyganics
  • BonAlive

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