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Argomedical Malleolar Plate

Reconstruction plate for malleolar fractures

Designed to contour to the bone

Optimal bone contact with 15 degree angulation of bone screws

Argomedical Pedofix

Adaptable plating for foot surgery

2.7mm and 3.5mm locking and non locking screw options

Ideal for osteotomies and arthrodesis in foot surgery

Ascension Compression Screws

Mini & high cannulated compression screw options in the one tray

1.5mm mini compression screws used for smaller fragments

2.0 high compression screws used for larger fragments

Ascension Pyrosphere TMT

PyroCarbon spherical implant for treatment of degenerative joint disease in the midfoot

Reduces pain and restores motion to the 4th and 5th TMT joint

BonAlive Granules

Bioactive, osteoconductive and osteostimulative

Bacterial growth inhibiting material

Available in 5cc & 10cc in a variety of granule sizes

EOS Eleos

1.5mm diameter high elastic memory staple

Standard and asymmetrical ranges

No heating or cooling necessary

Extremity Medical CompressX

3.0mm, 4.5mm and 6.5mm compression screws

Self Tapping, Self Drilling and Adjustable

Ability to reposition the screw

Extremity Medical HalluX

Stable Intramedullary fixation

Implant compresses across the joint


Extremity Medical IO Fix

IntraOsseos two part construct used in osteotomies and arthrodesis of the foot and ankle

Creates reinforced bone bridge maintaining uniform compression

Zero profile with no exposed hardware

Fziomed Dynavisc

100% synthetic, biocompatible and bioabsorbable adhesion barrier gel.

Designed to coat, separate and protect tissues where post- operative adhesions are likely to form.

An easy to use, clear smooth gel allows view of tendons and neural structures.

Gramedica Hyprocure

Unique design restores normal triplane motion

Medially anchored into canalis portion of sinus tarsi

Kasios FixEx

Injectable calcium phosphate bone substitute

Compressive strength approximately 35 MPa

Newclip Foot Motion

Self tapping and self drilling technology

Cylindro-conical head profile allows a non-traumatic insertion into cortical bone and optimal compression of the osteotomy

Normed Ankle Fusion

Unique plate design with a flat profile to avoid soft tissue irritations

External compression device applies controlled, graded compression across fusion site

Offers tibio-talar and tibio-talo-calcaneal fusion options

Normed Foot Plates

Titanium multi-hole plates for reconstructions, arthrodesis,osteotomies, calcaneus fractures and displacement stabilisations

Titanium locking and non-locking bone screws 2.7mm and 3.5mm

Normed Tarsalis

Range of contoured utility plates

Locking and non-locking screws

Used for internal fixation of the midfoot

Polyganics Neurolac

Transparent bioresorbable nerve guide

Retains initial mechanical properties for up to 10 weeks

Product reabsorbed within 16 months

TriMed AFS - Hook Plate

Indicated for short transverse fractures of the lateral malleolus

Unique instrumentation for in situ compression

TriMed AFS - Medial Malleolar

Indicated for treatment of fractured medial malleolus

Minimally invasive wire form

TriMed AFS - Sidewinder

Plating system for fractures of the lateral malleolus

Reduction of fracture can be done after placement of plate

Crimping of lateral tabs completes fixation

TriMed Compression Screws

1.7mm, 2.3mm, 3.0mm and 3.5mm cannulated compression screws

Ideal for fusions or fracture fixation in any small bone

TriMed Forefoot System

Comprehensive set of screws for different pathologies in one tray

Specialised screws for Scarf, Phalangeal and Weil osteotomies

TriMed Jones Fracture Plate

Intramedullary hooks for secure and precise proximal fragment purchase

Pre-contoured low profile design

Compression tool for desired compression across fracture site

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  • Ascension
  • Extremity Medical
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